Music Lesson Studio

Join in the fun of learning music!

Learning music is for EVERYONE!

My priority in teaching music is to cultivate my students' love of music while including numerous opportunities to problem solve and take leadership in their own education on this scale. I teach with kindness and growth at the forefront, however I do expect work, dedication, and accountability from each and every one of my students. 

General Lesson Expectations:

Student Expectations: 

The student can expect to learn music in a FUN and encouraging environment that translates to their personal practice. 
The student is expected to be prepared on time for their lessons (this includes by the time of my arrival, or in the case of online lessons, being online on time) 
The student is expected to have all of the active materials for each lesson (etudes, recording devices, folders, etc.). 
The student is expected to practice regularly at the appropriate age level expectations. 
The student is expected to actively participate in lessons, including asking questions, answering questions, and having their material prepared to the best of their ability. 
The student is expected to treat themselves, the teacher, their instruments, and materials with respect. 

Teacher Expectations: 

The teacher is expected to attend every lesson on time and with the necessary materials. 
The teacher is expected to make the teaching of music an engaging, entertaining, and rewarding experience for the student. 
The teacher is expected to tailor lessons to each individual student in a manner that is best for their consumption based on age, instrument, ability, and culture. 
The teacher is expected to teach the principles of music and performing so the student can gain the most out of this education. 
The teacher is expected to show respect for herself, the student, the instruments, and all materials. 
The teacher is expected to provide progress reports for each student at regular intervals to inform both students and parents/guardians of achievements and behavior. 

Parent/Guardian Expectations: 

Parents/Guardians are expected to help facilitate practice and attendance for students, especially those under the age of 12 and/or those who are unable to transport themselves. 
Parents/Guardians will need to be active participants in student personal practice for younger students. 
Parents/Guardians will be expected to maintain moderate correspondence with the teacher regarding attendance, progress, and other alerts that will only be communicated as required (no unnecessary advertisements or spam mail will be sent from this organization). 
Parents/Guardians will be required to acquire the materials (music books, composition books, etc.) for their students’ studies. These materials are not included in the lesson fees. 
Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to sit in on any lessons without notice at any time during their students’ studies with me.


**This is a brief overview of the Lesson Agreement and Policies form which you will receive if accepted for lessons**